Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are You Looking?

Thank God for the entrance of Springtime! Signs of it are everywhere. I was reminded of a time a few years ago when my husband and I were taking a drive in the country. My mind was preoccupied with wandering thoughts. Then, as if to awaken from a comfortable afternoon nap, I hear the words, "are you looking?" Whipping my head around in an attempt to see just what I was to be looking at, my focus fell upon one of those beautiful pink, blossoming trees that I love so much. I have been known to thrill at the sight of them as they signal Spring is here. My husband did not want me to miss the moment. As I mused over this remembrance, the Lord began to speak to me by His Spirit those words, "are you looking?" Our lives can be consumed by so many things. We can feel the stretching of ourselves in various directions. Perhaps as a mom or a dad, a teenager, a student, a boss, an employee, an athlete, a teacher, a politician, a police officer, a contractor, etc., etc. Life in this world has it's demands and it's distractions. To be successful, we have to focus to do a good job at that which we are called. In the midst of the picture of life, we need to answer the question, "are you looking?". As we "look" we shall "see". Psalm 123:1&2: "I lift up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven... so our eyes look to the Lord our God till he shows us his mercy." The Lord delights to show himself in our midst. We can "look" in the same way a photographer looks through the lens of his or her camera and sees the big picture and then brings the focus clear on the central object he or she is desiring to capture. Then that photographer "sees". The Lord is always present, waiting for us to give him place as the central theme in the picture of our individual lives. Ah! What beauty is ours to behold as we "capture" the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus in all of our circumstances.

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