Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sound of Grace

I thought I would share something on a more personal note today. I asked the question in my last post... "What does Grace sound like." Taken, of course from the beautiful hymn: "Amazing Grace". I shared about one meaning of Grace being "operational power". We all experience those times of what I will refer to as "plodding along". We live in the mundane a lot of the time. After working a 30 hour week and taking care of things on the home front and getting up and doing it the next week and the next is part of my life. In the midst of it, stands Jesus. Always there, always loving, always in my thoughts, moving me through this life one day at a time. My Sister called me this morning and said that she wanted to "sing" me a Psalm. She did. It was Psalm 34:1-6. Her voice was so sweet and the Holy Spirit took the Words straight to my heart and tears came to my eyes. An older gentleman stopped by my counter (retail) at work yesterday and as no one else showed up in the line (a God thing), he shared the meaning of a beautiful silver ring adorning his hand. It had various stones which to him represented the plan of Salvation. After he shared, he asked me where I stood in light of that plan. I showed him my bracelet with the name of Jesus and words of hope displayed on it. We talked Jesus talk for a few minutes right there in the store and encouraged one another. To me, these are "sounds of Grace". One source of operational power comes from one of us to another as we walk in unbroken fellowship with our Lord. As I have said before, we encourage or put courage into one another. Hebrews 10:25 tells us to, "...consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." Other "sounds of Grace" or "unmerited favor" are those times a disgruntled customer shows his/her disdain at any effort of service I might render and I take a moment in my heart to lift that one to Jesus, and speak a kind word in spite of their behavior. They may be suffering some untold trial or just be an unkind person. Life is so full of opportunities to express the "sounds of Grace" and opportunities to receive the "sounds of Grace".

Thanks for listening and please.... "May the Sound of Grace be with you now and forevermore." How beautiful the Sound!