Friday, February 19, 2016


Genesis 1:1: "In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." This is not a legend, a myth, a bedtime story or a lie. When you look at this picture and observe the intricacies of the flower, it is living proof that a live handcrafter was involved. Yes, to believe this is called Faith. I guess anyone can put faith in anything. The only difference between faith with an upper case "F" and faith with a lower case "f" is that the former is a LIVING FAITH because it is faith set on a LIVING GOD.

I find my heart hurting when humans, who are the most important part of  "God created", not believing from whence they came. Every where we look we can see the handiwork of our God and Creator. We would have to be blind to not see and stand in awe at the magnificence. Yet, there are those countless numbers who deny the very existence of the one who is responsible for existence. Those are the ones who put their faith in the vastness of the Universe. They give thanks to the unfathomable, unimaginable, infinite, unexplainable, with no end in site, for the good things that happen in their lives. They pray to the Creation and not to the Creator. They are those who make a mockery of what God has done by giving credit to something that is totally incapable of showing any kind of love, compassion, mercy or forgiveness. Because they have no particular "deity" they have no reason to be accountable for sin in their lives. They tolerate every religion that exists and every lifestyle that exists and call it "good". On the sixth day of creation after God had created everything that exists including mankind, he said, "It is good!" God is good and everything he does is good and works everything out for good for those who have FAITH in Him! Some humans are coming full circle back to the Garden of Eden and listening to the serpent saying as he did to Eve, "Did God really say?". Because of Adam and Eve listening to and falling for the lies, all mankind had to suffer the consequences. Therefore, the Living God, Creator of Everything, did what the massive element of his creation, the Universe, could never do. He made atonement for our sins by becoming a man and dying on the Cross and being buried and rising from the grave to be the One and Only Way to live forever in Heaven and experience eternal LOVE. All who reject that Way, and ignore the Truth are still going to live forever but because of their refusal to acknowledge their need and the gift of eternal life, they will experience eternal separation from the One who cries out from the rising of the sun to it's setting for all to come. I do not hear a voice calling from the Universe, although if you search to the center, science itself will show you... There is a Cross! For those of you who know the way, I appeal to you: Pray for those who don't know the way to find it. For those of you who have known the way, I appeal to you: Come back before you fall into such deep deception that you don't even cry out to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God. For those of you who have never known the way, I appeal to you: The Bible says, "Taste and see that the Lord is Good." One taste and you will begin to hunger and thirst for what the Creation can never give to you: Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Turn from the road that leads to death and choose the road of Life.